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The reason for this introductory blog post is to introduce you to my website, what I am currently doing and to give a huge shoutout to all the people who helped me create this platform.

Let’s start with the shoutouts. First of all I want to thank Camilla Bach that more than one year ago shot those portraits for my upcoming website (this one) that saw the light of day just now. Thanks for the amazing pictures.
The second shoutout goes to a more recent collaboration, with the talented Elisa Gandolfo that helped me translate into drawings the concept of piano gestures. Thanks not only for the drawings, but also for the inspiration.

And now let’s go back to “The 5 Ws”.

Who, What and Where
My name is Oliver Queen. For five years, I was stranded on an island… Wait, wrong movie.

My name is Niccolò Granieri, I am currently a PhD student in Music and New Technologies at the Integra Lab, Birmingham.

When and Why
My current research project is focused on studying and implementing pianists’ microgestures in a digital musical interface to enable a more expressive output.

Read more about it here.

Having said this, I am going to use this website mainly to keep the world updated with projects, conferences and major steps in my research.

Be sure to follow me on social media for constant updates, and stay tuned for a new post on my first conference at Solent University in Southampton!

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Portraits by Camilla Bach
Sketches by Elisa Gandolfo