Audio/Visual Works

Collaboration with formuls

In the past year I had the pleasure to work with formuls, artist based in the uk that creates ambient, glitchy, experimental electronic music, with the help of algorithms.


Esthesis explores the confluence of physical gesture, sound and visuals. The user generates a click, which is then captured by esthesis. Through physical gesture the initial impulse is sonically manipulated and visualised, allowing the user to extrapolate the sound and explore the synergetic relationship between their movements, the sounds heard and the visuals seen.
esthesis was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council as part of the Transforming Transformation project by Birmingham Conservatoire’s Integra Lab. For more information about the project see:
Please use headphones to listen to this!

exit 7

Exit 7 is the video with which formuls made his debut online.

Personal Projects

Half Unit

Half Unit is an electronic duo based in Birmingham. Niccolò Granieri and Balandino di Donato are both Italian, but they met at the IntegraLab – a music interaction design research group based at the Birmingham Conservatoire, part of Birmingham City University – and started this project recently, in January 2016. Even though their jobs are related to music and research, they actually had never “make” music so far, so they decided to form this duo. Nick has gratuated in Music Tech and he is a pianist, Balandino is a PhD student in Interactive Music Technology.

The name Half Unit came up as an alcoholic reference, as one of them doesn’t drink at all. It sounds silly but they had started to think about their differences, and they realised that half of the band has more musical background, half is more technical, half is bearded, half is not. After a brief chat, they decided that the name perfectly fitted the purpose.

The two band members come from two completely different musical backgrounds, from classical to electronic, from rock to metal, but they found a common point in the Electro / Chillwave / Downtempo genre.